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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning – A building with polluted air threatens the health of occupants, especially those who may suffer with allergies, asthma or respiratory problems. In scientific studies, indoor air contaminants have been proven to cause health risks with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sore throats, irritated eyes and allergic reactions. In buildings with the very young or elderly occupants, this can be especially critical.

Our Technicians will use the Clinicair Rx Tablet to create a photo report to show you cleaning work, as well as any other deficiencies or other issues with the air quality in the office.

Now’s the time to call Clinicair York air duct specialists to schedule your annual commercial duct and vent cleaning service. All Clinicair York air duct cleaning specialists are bonded and insured, and are certified by Healthy Indoors Partnership (HIP), the Canadian professional IAQ association. The benefits of Clinicair York include not only a safer working and living environment, but also happier, healthier occupants.
Before and After duct cleaning
duct cleaning technician

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