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Our air quality specialists are dedicated to helping Canadians live happier, healthier lives indoors.

In today’s tightly sealed buildings, the air at home and work usually can create or worsen problems. While the air outside is continuously being cleansed by nature using the natural processes of rain, wind and the sun’s ultraviolet energy, the air indoors is trapped, allowing dust, humidity and potentially harmful substances to gather.

Excessive dust accumulation on surfaces, visible mould growth, itching or burning eyes, skin irritation, nasal congestion, dry throats, coughs, wheezing, and shortness of breath can be signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).


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What is Air Duct Cleaning?

The quality of air a person breathes has a direct influence on his health. It is not easy to control the quality of air when a person is outdoors but the case is different for indoors. Did you know that now-a-days most people spend more than 90% of our time indoors? Well, it certainly brings the focus on filtered air that is circulated through ducts indoors. With increasing popularity of HAVC systems and other sir filtering systems for residential and commercial properties, it is important that property owners also realize importance of air duct cleaning.

Messy, unclean air pipes are the ideal pathway for spreading dust, mold, microscopic organisms, different particles and living beings all through your home. Thus, if there is somebody in your home with hypersensitivities or other respiratory issues, unclean air can lead to serious complications for them. Do you know the importance of duct cleaning but are unable to decide whether your air ducts need cleaning or not? Or are you thinking about the indicators that point to need of air duct cleaning? Well, here are few commonly found issues –

  • You start experiencing respiratory issues or difficulty in breathing inside your home

  • When you notice dust after you switch on the radiator in winter season.

  • When you notice or smell dust on starting the evaporative cooler in summer

  • When you smell stale air or distinctive scents or heating/cooling properties in different areas of your home

  • When you notice soil, dust and more on the edges of your rugs or floors






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